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Book Review: The Notebook By Nicholas Sparks


Noah Calhoun has returned from war and, in an attempt to escape the ghosts of battle, he sets his mind and his body to restoring an old plantation home to its former beauty.

But he is haunted by memories of the beautiful girl he met there years before. A girl who stole his heart at the funfair, whose parents didn’t approve, a girl he wrote to every day for a year.

When Allie Hamilton shows up on his doorstep, exactly as he has held her in his memory for all these years, Noah has one last chance to win her back. Only this time, it’s not just her parents in the way – Allie is engaged and she’s not a woman to go back on her promises.

The Notebook is the love story to end all love stories – it will break your heart, heal it back up and break it all over again.


Usually novels have an interesting plot or some inevitable thing that needs to be conquered. This novel may not have that however I enjoy how it is written.

This novel decides to focus on the simple things that make up life which is love. It is the retelling of how the main character met the one he loved in life. Based in North Carolina in the 1940’s, it shows us the tale of two lovers as they move on with their life within their stands in society. The novel is different compared to the movie of course as there is much more of a background. I liked that we get to see the girl’s point of view as well even though she may not remember it now, she certainly did when she was much younger. Knowing that she had to marry someone else, her parents disapproval and everything, she knew how she felt and back then it was much different to what it is now to be free in choosing the person you love and desire.

When she has this feeling to visit Noah even though she is engaged to another man she goes with her instinct. She discovers she has feelings for him. The version of himself he is at this moment in time – not just the younger teenager version of him.

Later on she has to make tough decisions as it can be difficult. You can love many times or a few at once but in different ways and ultimately one person entirely.

Noah is of a calm nature. He enjoys the simple things including a lot of outdoor work which not many men do Allie realises. She had always assumed she needs to be with a money-driven man however has come to realise that is not what life is about. It’s about the simple things that makes our hearts and souls feel warm.

Although, I was very annoyed with Allie. If you know someone is the one and pulls on your heart strings more than another man, go with him! (Noah that is) instead of wasting years thinking about it.

Overall, this is a great heart-string novel that makes you believe in love and cherish every single moment. It is about the simple things of nature.

4/5 Stars

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