Birthday Reflections

As I physically become another year older I realise that age does not make you an adult. Having a business or a pet or fancy cars and so forth does not make you a proper and responsible adult. The thing that makes you an adult is having children. It’s so different from all the other things. Because unless your a carer (for someone you love, not as an actual paid job) or you have children, if you have anyone you are responsible for that is the one thing that makes you a real adult. Not travelling the world and having freedom. Having freedom just means you’re avoiding becoming an adult, you’re just a childish adult refusing to grow up.

When you have real responsibility’s like this it makes you realise there is more to life – not the cliche but it is true. Watching a mini-human version of you grow. Or if you are looking after an elderly person, watching them become comfortable and rely on you is a feeling you simply cannot put into words. Making sure they are at ease and their needs are met is a big thing and it is quite rewarding. That is what makes you a real adult living in the real world. Oh, and having a life-time partner to do it with who you are compatible with in every way possible. The only one that has ever made you feel such real feelings. Anything else in the past was childish practice with no-real-feelings.


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