Book Review: The Twelve Dates of Christmas


On the first day of Christmas, a dating app offered me
Twelve tailored chances for perfect harmony . . .

Kate Turner is happily single – a bit too happily, in fact. Since returning to her hometown, the sleepy village of Blexford, love hasn’t really had a look in.

But Kate does love Christmas. So when her best friend insists she signs up to the Twelve Dates of Christmas, a brand new dating app service, she doesn’t need too much persuading. Twelve perfect festive dates with the area’s most eligible men – who could say no?

Amongst the twinkling lights and falling snow, over hot chocolates and glasses of red wine, romance is easy to find. But with each date, Kate learns more about the men, and even more about herself.

As the big day approaches, Kate’s left wondering – is it really the season for true love, or will this Christmas be the coldest yet?


“Life has a way of tipping the seemingly unimaginable on its head”

We get a background story of the Kate, her best friends (Lauren and Matt) as well as an insight into her family background to begin with.

Each of Kate’s dates seem to be the talk of the town. Upon each date something of course has to go wrong or take a turn in a different way which you would not expect. Throughout this I kept thinking oh, if the love of her life is right under her nose then it must be Matt and I keep looking for signs even though he is dating Sarah.

Although towards the half way point of the novel it begins to drag and I could not believe it was not completed yet as some descriptions did go on and on.

I did enjoy the book to begin with however the descriptions where a bit long for me.

Overall, the novel and descriptions where a bit long however I did enjoy the random dates and adventures Kate went on, it is an entertaining read.

4/5 Stars


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