Sunday Thoughts – New Years Goal

Instead of New Years resolution, why not create a goal board of things you currently do but want to improve upon and maintain?

I saved a bunch of images as a collage as my screensaver so this year my goals would include (as I want to be brief on here as I have a few crazy exes that still stalk me over half a decade later):

– Improving my fitness to an even better standard than what it was (I’ve just had a baby, I am told I look extremely well however you know how it is if you’re a mom)

– Worry and care less

– Self care more. Do not be afraid to put you first within reason.

– Continue to be the best mom and partner that I can be

– Read more, last year was a confusing more

– Hopefully achieve some career sideline goals and within that, get noticed and make money

– With the above, confidence grows, be happy and shine.

– Every moment is a fresh beginning


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