Book Review: Influenced Love


A beauty influencer polls her followers to pick her date and ends up fake dating a fellow influencer, but real sparks fly when she begins to fall for the man behind his image.

After a scandal threatens her reputation, popular beauty influencer, Alivia Fae, attempts to distract her followers by polling them to pick her date. When they pair her up with a fellow influencer, Moe Gava, he takes notice and asks her out. Unfortunately, she soon realizes he’s not as desirable as he seems online.

Despite her disinterest, when it’s suggested that she and Moe start a fake dating relationship, to keep up engagement with their fans, she begrudgingly agrees. As the plan unfolds, she begins to grow closer to his low-key assistant, Travis. Leading her to re-evaluate what she truly wants to influence her life—love.


I received this novel in exchange for an honest review.

Alivia is a social media beauty influencer. When it was her male best friend’s wedding you know how that kind of thing goes where a simple look can be seen as much more by the paparazzi. So Alivia has a poll set up on her stories to draw the attention away so the poll is on who she should date. Looks can be deceiving is all I can say. This ‘Moe’ is less than what meets the eye. His assistant Travis totally has a crush on her immediately. At time as the story is a bit of a drag with the dialogue between the two. With tensions rising between Donna and Dan (the newly married couple) it’s clear to see based on the writing what’s is going on with Dan’s thinking process.

The novel for me begins to drag as there’s not an interesting plot that continues to flow. It seems like it is on pause for a good chunk of the novel to pass the time.

It took me a while and some determination in order to complete it.

2/5 stars


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