Thoughts on Social Media

A little thing I wrote about my thoughts on Social Media over a year ago that I forgot to share:

In this day and age, Social Media has a great effect on our mental health. I personally agree as it is a part of our daily lives in today’s society. Nearly everyone is using the internet all the time. The internet does have its benefits as its knowledge at our finger tip, in a glimpse of second. It offers businesses and entrepreneurs a great way to advertise your business, and for some, even a career.

However as with everything in life there are some downfalls. Due to Social Media, people use it as a mask to bully people online that is showing any form of success, this results in some rare situations that is becoming more common each year including suicide.

With the internet, people want to feel recognised, apart of this special club online where if you are seen engaging with peoples’ posts and images you are liked. You are then seen as a ‘friend’. Hence, the term ‘fake friends’ seem to be all you have online for the majority. Another example, is when those are using Facebook and adding people they do not know to increase their friends’ list to look like they know a variety of people.

With Instagram and Twitter, people follow those they do not know, because they like their newsfeed, or to get them to follow them back. It can be a vicious cycle as you watch your number and notifications increase, or not change at all. Which is something that affects mainly women in this modern generation.

People love gossip. Some know how to keep their private life private. However, some love attention and will always complain, seeking attention from others. Usually this type of information is easy to find. They think this will help them cope with life however it makes matters worse as it will not really solve their issues. As well, it invites strangers who knows someone through another, and gain all this information about this person they have not met. The dangers of this alone can be frightening.

People use this opportunity to gain information about others for their own benefit, to use behind their backs with any intention they want. Manipulating or using the information for their joy.

Not getting enough attention or likes can be disheartening for some, that rely on it to validate themselves. Some can take drastic action if they only get 99 likes instead of 100 likes. It’s crazy to think that we have come to this in 2019 whereas in 2008 it was about messaging and keeping up with friends using MSN. Sharing cartoon images, a way to instantly connect with close ones. To a world where we rely on validation from something as simple as tap on a screen.

The internet can be a great way to keep in touch with family and friends who travel and live all over the world. Or if you are not able to get out, to keep in touch with friends. To get to know people you’ve just met even more, as it can bring you closer together.

Overall, the internet is a great new aspect of life, within moderation. Everything in life has an affect on our mental health, it’s only natural. It is about using it for good, improving our mindset, setting limits and enjoying the happy moments that social media can bring, reducing the level of negativity with social media is how you can improve usage with social media today.


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