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BookClub Reads: The Amsterdam Affair


A new start, a chance encounter, a Christmas to remember. Will Iris’s new year be happy ever after?

When Iris Greene’s boyfriend surprises her with a romantic dinner at their favourite restaurant, she’s expecting a proposal, not a move to another country.

But Amsterdam proves to be the change she never knew she needed, and a surprise encounter with a local actor leads Iris to new friends and the rediscovery of a long lost passion. While Iris thrives in a city filled with festivity, her boyfriend struggles, and her heart is torn in two.

As snow falls and secrets are revealed, Iris must decide her future. Will she be brave enough to start over and take a chance on love?


The beginning of this novel you can understand Iris’s anxiety towards the move. However I feel as if she has brain washed herself to this life with a man she is clearly not as compatible with. Iris and her best friend where discussing the qualities of the man himself but they forgot one important thing, do they get on in terms of their likes and dislikes as a couple. Because even though he is a good chap they didn’t discuss those important qualities.

Later on as I read more I fell in love with the plot because it is about creativity and inspiration which are two things I enjoy reading about and agreed with throughout the novel. Some twists and turns are discovered when we find out what happens. We obviously know she will stay in the new country however it is getting to that conclusion that was exciting.

4/5 Stars

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