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Book Review: I am Elephant I am Butterfly


When sixteen-year-old Simone Wheeler is accepted into the elite Camp Kamama–a place of self-discovery for the morbidly obese–she instantly despises the food rations, obstacle course, and powwows, where each girl must stand in front of her peers to expose her darkest secrets. But the Appalachian Mountains are shrouded in mystery, and Camp Kamama’s rules will soon be the least of Simone’s worries.
While meditating beneath an old tree in the woods, Simone unearths a secret diary belonging to a beautiful skinny girl from the despised Camp Felina across the lake. But Phoebe the Felina has done more than scribble words in a journal: she has carved a cryptic path that Simone will be compelled to follow–no matter what the consequences.


I would like to say thank you to the author for this novel as this is in exchange for an honest book review My first thoughts when reading this was how well it was written. Automatically I had a connection with the novel which is a major deal breaker for me when it comes to a novel of how fast I can progress and how I will feel about it.

The way the main character felt at the end of the first chapter set the presence for the rest of my reading; she felt as if she was a different person inside the body she is currently in. I can honestly say I understand where the main character is coming from as can many others at some point in their lives with various different situations. I enjoyed how it was written, the amount of detail as the author describes it.

At times the main character annoyed me because she didn’t seem to understand common sense things such as what the word cutlery means or the fact that eating a decent portion size of vegetables must be for vegetarians only. It made me laugh to read that because this woman used to be at a healthy weight so she should know that already. Instead it is written from a point of view where the main character seems as if shes only ever been fat.

I love the little reflection element of their schedules and schedules itself. For me, it helps them gain structure and helps to reflect upon them self each day.

The main character really annoyed me at times because she seems so spoiled and narrow minded. Such as she cannot possibility see the idea of her mum and herself taking up a hobby together, because they have a person they hire to do anything garden related.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this and seeing the comparisons between both the ‘elephant’ and the ‘butterfly’ because at the end of the day we are all both elephants and butterflies, it is how we choose to accept ourselves is how we grow as people.

This is a great coming of age novel for younger readers.

3/5 Stars

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