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New Years Resolution

What are yours?

You always hear everyone discussing their New Years Resolution must start on exactly the 1st January or the first Monday.

I feel like it can start from as early as Mid-November of the previous year! That’s when the New Year seems to begin for me and gosh so much has happened and changed in that space of time!

It seems as if last year was a few years into one. With that, I want to publish my Goals / Resolution for this year and reflect upon these at the end of year if I have accomplished my original goal by then!

New Years Resolution & Goals

– Write more reflective thoughts in journal

– Use my diary for everything more

– Read more

– Keep saving more (stick to goal)

– More mindful tasks and fun tasks (such as baths and puzzles)

– Sort out my Website

– Learn something new (learning wise)

– Try to stop biting nails

– More online courses

– Gain a new skill

– Improve upon some old hobbies

– Say YES more – when appropriate

– Bake more

– Cook more

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