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BookClub Reads: All About Us


Ben’s always loved December, but this year, with his relationship with Daphne on the rocks, it’s missing its usual magic. So when he runs into his old friend Alice – the one that got away – Ben can’t help but wonder what would have happened if he’d done things differently all those years ago.

He never imagines he might get to find out… but when a stranger sells Ben a mysterious watch one freezing winter’s night, he’s astonished to wake up the next morning on 5th December 2005: the day he first kissed Daphne, leaving Alice behind.

Now Ben must make the biggest decision of his life, all over again. But this time around, will he finally find the courage to follow his heart?


It was interesting reading this novel from a man’s point of view. At the very start I didn’t quite like him as he constantly thought about cheating on his wife and justified it.

During his dream or during the magic transitions of going back in time and into a potential future it was interesting to see as he began to become more grateful of his wife, mother and best friend. You just begin to appreciate the small things instead of feeling self-pity and actually see what others have done for him that he didn’t realise before. Overall I really enjoyed reading this novel and learning the life lessons along with him.

3/5 Stars

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