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Book Review: Five Steps To Happy


When struggling actress Heidi has a life-changing accident aged 32, her world falls apart. Stuck in hospital and unable to walk, her only companion is Maud, the elderly lady in the bed next to hers. Heidi misses her flatmate, her life, her freedom – surely 32 is too young to be an amputee?

But when Maud’s aloof but attractive grandson Jack pays a visit to the ward, Heidi realises that her life isn’t over just because it’s different. It might not look like the life she dreamed of, but it’s the one she’s got – and there’s a lot she still wants to tick off her bucket list. With Jack at her side, will Heidi take the first step back to happiness? Or is there one more surprise still in store…?


I felt so so sorry for Heidi at the beginning, I couldn’t imagine that situation happening to anyone. When she is sharing a room with elderly lady Maud, the grandson comes to visit and he straight away was so cold towards Heidi I felt like screaming at him! How could one be so insensitive to anyone in that situation. Like you do not know where she’s coming from, if she recently got moved there then obviously she is in the early stages of this transition so whatever he had going on in his life, if you’re visiting your grandmother, have some consideration for those you encounter.

As the novel progresses, Heidi feels so sorry for her family as she didn’t realise how much its actually hurting her loved ones watching her life change. She also becomes so strong and develops new relationships with Jack and learns how to grow as she is afraid of what will happen when she leaves the facility.

I really enjoyed watching her grow and the way it was written was interesting.

4/5 Stars

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