Book Review: The Summer Theatre By The Sea


Charlotte Saunders has always loved the buzz of city life. So, when she finds herself abruptly fired and dumped in one fell swoop, she’s devastated to have to swap her London home for the sleepy town of Penmullion, Cornwall, to move in with her estranged sister.

But Lauren Saunders has problems of her own. A single mother to twins, the bills are piling up faster than she can pay them. And when what she thinks is a loan from a friend puts her deeper in debt than ever, things are starting to look impossible.

In desperate need of a distraction, the two sisters turn to their community drama club. With bit of help from their new friends and lot of help from each other, can the Saunders sisters turn their luck around before the summer ends?


The novel started off interesting, two contrasting characters as they are polar opposites however, they where standard strong characters of one being a complete ‘control freak’ and one that’s quite laid back in terms with their parenting style.

I just could not comprehend how you would stick a 16 hour minimum wage job and complain about never having enough money when you can do something about it, especially as the sister would offer and suggest, instead she just sits there and complain which is the standard ‘full-time mummy’ descriptions you find on much of at least the English speaking countries social media pages, always complaining, when there’s help out there that is being refused because they love to complain.

As for the controlling one; needing to control everything and focus on the perfect job, never learning to let loose.

I found the story interesting to begin with however it lacked much of a plot and it was very slow paced.

2/5 Stars


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