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Gratitude Tuesdays

So I’m going to start this new thing every week. For the next week I will create a list of all the things I appreciate and love. It’s a great way to motivate and to think positively. I’ve recently read a book called The Power, it’s quite inspiring and true. Hence my new outlook, feel free to use this idea for yourself or leave any comments with things that have made you happy, feel gratitude 😊

Some of these may be small silly things however it’s what has brought me positivity which is what counts.

– Light bright nail colours
– Catchy song that you feel love for and haven’t heard it in a long time
– When you complete your exercise goals the first week back at it properly
– Grateful for the new colour in my bathroom and the effort that went into my bathroom and the effort that went into painting it and making it look so pretty and full of love

– Recognition / smiles from strangers
– Thoughtfulness of knowing you have made someone’s day and they have also been the highlight of yours
– When you connect with new people
– When you discover shops sell more of the new things you’re trying
– The little purchases that make a room in your house stand out more / brings happiness

– Achievement feeling when your house is spotless
– Mop slippers that are so amusing and helpful
– Progression in a new project you are working on
– The love and care from others
– Thankful for the safety each day in knowing you have lived contently

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