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Book Review: A Nice Girl Like Me


Emily Drummond has just finished her degree and the world is her oyster. She can do anything she wants. So when she marries Andrew, 19 years her senior, after knowing him less than 6 weeks, eyebrows are raised. Is this a case of marry in haste and repent at leisure? Is Andrew having a mid-life crisis? Or is this true love for both of them? Then Emily meets Jack, who’s just back from travelling the world, and he offers her a glimpse of what life might be like with someone her own age. Suddenly the doubts come crowding in—did she marry Andrew too hastily and does the age-gap matter after all?


Firstly, I never thought I would be reading a book about how you should take your drinks. Mainly because I do not drink and also, whiskey sounds icky.

I’m starting to find the book misleading: the cover looks so pretty and girly, definitely chiclet type of book right? Wrong. As the first few chapters go on and on about whiskeys and the order you drink them in, boring.

I couldn’t really get into this novel. It was misleading and that’s all I really have to say about this novel.

1/5 Stars

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