Book Review: Sunshine and Secrets


Welcome to The Paradise Cookery School – a place where dreams, and chocolate, are made!

When newly heartbroken chef Millie Harper is offered a job overseeing the launch of The Paradise Cookery School she jumps at the chance. Leaving her ex behind Millie jets off to the hilltop cocoa plantation in St Lucia.

Despite the beautiful location Millie soon realises she faces a challenge to get the school ready on time. And sarcastic but extremely handsome estate manager Zach Barker isn’t helping.

As Millie adjusts to the Caribbean pace of life she discovers her own carefree side in the tropical paradise. But can she fulfil her promise? Or will fun in the sun prove too much of a distraction?


We are introduced to Millie rushing to the airport thanks to her friend and colleague Jen to make a flight whilst reassuring her sister Jen she will make it on time. She is asked to run a cookery school as the main woman Claudia is awaiting an operation. The cookery school is in St Lucia (a country in the Caribbean, one of the Winward islands) I googled it and it looks like paradise. So Millie is at the airport, having to go from a planned airplane ride to a new destination to house sit initially as she thought she would not be running the cooking school. I would love if that type of situation happened to me!

Oh my. The taxi man’s name is my blog name without the proper pronunciation; Clavie whilst I am CLaVie, as in C’s Life. When Millie arrives at the villa we meet Zach the estate manager who is full of personality and wit. We then get to find out a lot about coco beans – which is interesting however it’s a lot of information about a topic when I just want to get on with the summery light plot.

Warning, do not read this novel whilst you’re starving for some food as it goes into details of delicious combinations that makes my stomach more hungry.

However this novel did not hold my attention enough to properly be engaged with it, therefore it gets one point for actually being a holiday read as I did like the idea of it.

1/5 Stars.


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