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Tuesday Thoughts

Can I go back to Paris, go thrift shopping and book shopping whilst exploring museums and living off macaroons and croissants?

This year has been very eventful. As I said in one of my posts: life comes in phases. Just like the seasons this year a lot has happened.

From Wintery January of starting my instagram in the first place as well as my blog, finishing my final year of university. Exploring jobs and different parts of where I live and in different sectors, a little bit of travelling [however I wish it involved more travel].

Winter was all about travelling and doing more with my time than just studying for my final term.

Spring was similar however I began to drive a lot more and become more confident in that way and in general helped me grow more.

Summer was exploring jobs in different fields, not settling for jobs because of their job titles.

Autumn meant exploring a creative field I enjoyed.

Winter, the month of organisation and knowing in other ways what I want, taking things slower in an adventure way rather than organising every second.

Overall, I think I grew and learned a-lot this year compared to the previous year which is all that matters

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