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ARC Book Review: I Have A Hunch


Summer holidays are for relaxing, spending time with friends and listening to great music. All things that Alice desperately wanted to do. Instead she was sent to London to work with her Uncle Humphrey, a world famous private detective. Things start to get interesting when they’re employed to investigate the mysterious murder of millionaire, Victor Tymm. Together they start to gather clues before the killer can strike again.


Firstly I would like to thank the author, Jeremy DeCoursey for sending me a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

I write my thoughts as I get them therefore this review will have my suspicions on the murder this plot is based on.

The main character Alice, 13 years old is sent to spend the summer with her uncle that works as a private investigator. Automatically I think this is a great opportunity to get into the mystery type genre without too many complications as the main character is young but not immature. Straight away she is told about a mystery with a symbol left at the crime scenes every time as that’s been a long-term one to solve.

A woman walks into the office on her first day as her uncle’s ‘apprentice’ and tells them about her late boss’s situation. When the police automatically rule it out as any sort of murder she turns to them to help and that they do. This is where the story becomes interesting and the plot thickens.

Clues are discovered and then replaced as a mystery person goes to get rid of them straight away which to me indicates it’s definitely someone in the household or at least has access to the household within the estate which means when the gardener suddenly appears it brings a red flag to me. Especially as me chatters on about the other neighbours in the estate.

For supposedly the best private detective investigator this character was written poorly as there are obvious clues that I figured out instantly and he’s supposed to be the best yet he’s as silly as his niece?

Just as I think I know who the murderer is the plot thickens as there could be a partner involved (with my theory) however I noticed all the small signs of the ‘what if’s’ to my theory however both Humphrey and Alice seem to mention the details and never actually get back to them – when writing I think those points should be addressed / looked into as the character did notice it instead of purposely not going over them if the guy is supposed to be the best at this kind of thing wouldn’t you agree?

This novel has me anxious to read more and to find out what happens next, if my theory is correct as it changes slightly with the new information I am given.

Also, I would like to point out I like how this seems to all take place in the space of one day and is split up into hours of the day.

It’s shown throughout it a decent attempt at humour towards the two main characters. By the end I was hooked as I was wondering was my theory correct and how it would pan out. I was correct. Some character flaws as with a lot of characters when I read novels but it still kept me hooked.

3/5 stars

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