Book Review: The Beachside Guest House


When Rosa and Bee get together in the run-up to Bee’s wedding, they reminisce about the holiday they took together as teenagers to the beautiful Greek island of Paros. They remember the sandy coves, the guest house in the converted windmill where they stayed with their friend Iona, and the gorgeous local men. As memories of that long-forgotten holiday resurface, they are forced to confront the turns their lives have taken – and the guilt they both feel about letting Iona slip away from them. When they learn that the windmill guest house is going bust they form a plan: why not go back to the island and take it over themselves? And so begins a life-changing journey – because it turns out that opening a guest house and reliving their teenage dreams isn’t that easy …Full of romance and friendship, love and life, laughter and tears, The Beachside Guest House is an uplifting novel about the magic of starting over with friends by your side.


Rosa. Bee. Iona. 3 women who grew up together and had a great friendship. They went off to an island in Greece as they where finished with school. With no plan in mind of where to stay which was a-part of the cherished holiday memories that would stay with them. Fast forward a decade later; one has parted their own ways which we find out the reasons why and oh how I hated Ben so much (Iona’s boyfriend) which leaves Bee and Rosa. Bee finds the windmill which they stayed at when they were fresh out of school and Rosa decides to quit her job and buys it. Without any hesitation or proper look into what needs done etc. Shortly after the pair explore the island which they have these cherished memories and I found it so enjoyable reading about their adventures and seeing them turn it from its current state to what they made it into.

I absolutely love how their friendship has been over the years and how they have been there for each other. 

Iona was with Ben who was there for her at the beginning, as he helped her during a tough time and helped her grow – is when he began to feel inferior.  What is with some men who do not like to see a woman at her best?  Achieving her goals. He then began to control her and made her doubt herself.  Once she finally gained the courage to fly out to Greece she began to feel like she can breathe again.  I understand that feeling a lot.  I loved how Vanessa showed this alongside the friendship and how the three came together to start a business in a cute island.  

Iona’s description of the things that made her most glad she came which sounds so peaceful:

  • A sky full of dazzling stars 
  • Reading a book in the hammock in the early evening as the sun sets 
  • Sipping gin and tonic on the terrace, surrounded by flowers 

“As long as we learn, we stay in control, and nothing is ever wasted or lost.”

The three have always been there for each other.  And their positivity.  Yes, at times each of them had their moments of self doubt and the other two would always be positive and cheery to help each other. 

5/5 Stars


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