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Book Review: Work in Progress


I never thought my first kiss would be on my wedding day.

But here I stand, clutching a bouquet of pale pink roses behind the doors of a Las Vegas chapel, and at the end of the aisle is the absolute last man I imagined would be waiting for me.

Thomas Bane.

Bestselling author. Notorious bad boy. Savagely handsome, dark as sin, chiseled as stone. And somehow, my soon-to-be husband.

Marry him, and I’ll land my dream job. Save him, and I’ll walk away with everything I’ve ever wanted. All I have to do is remember it’s all for show. None of it is real, no matter how real it feels.

But first, I have to survive the kiss.

And with lips like his, I don’t stand a chance.


Although I am addicted to romance novels, too much cheesy in my reads is not great.

“Deep down, I’d always known our time together was temporary. Because life was fluid, ever changing, never the same for long. It was a string of seasons, good times and bad, happy and sad, one after the other. But above that deep-down knowledge was the naive hope that we’d somehow stay together forever.”

I fell just a bit bad because I am becoming one of those negative reviewers portrayed in the book but hell not even the blogging aspect saved this one for me. The writing was good, no problem there, now the characters and plot is another story.

Do you know when authors create characters that have this one distinctive feature that identifies the main characters? Well, this is an example when the characters are nothing else but that. To make characters interesting they should not be predictable and hopefully had a complexity to them, but oh boy Thomas (I refuse to call him Tommy, iugh) was only loyal and dangerous, while Amelia was only naive and pure. I could literally predict everything that will happen and how the characters were going to react, it was so bland.

The novel felt endless, so much of nothing, there was zero drama when needed and when it appeared it was completely absurd. There were some interesting backstories to Thomas and his brother and mom, but we had so little of scenes with them. A work in progress is the perfect example of how romance becomes the only focus of the main characters lives. It was like 2 weeks of only them, but how when his mom lived in the same property and was hella sick. I just feel that if added more scenes of this my liking for Thomas could have grown. The “huge break” though, wow my eyes rolled till Asia and beyond, so forced and fabricated. Also, our female character feels like crap for things that are not even her fault. If you hate miscommunication, you are warned.

In conclusion a little too much unrealistic content and drama, I am out. I just didn’t connect.

2/5 Stars

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