Book Review: Penguin’s Poems for Life


Taking its inspiration from Shakespeare’s idea of the “seven ages” of a human life, this new anthology brings together the best-loved poems in English to inspire, comfort and delight readers for a lifetime. Beginning with babies, the book is divided into sections on childhood, growing up, making a living and making love, family life, getting older, and approaching death, ending with poems of mourning and commemoration. Ranging from Chaucer to Carol Ann Duffy, via Shakespeare, Keats, and Lemn Sissay, this book offers something for each of those moments in life – whether falling in love, finding your first grey hair or saying your final goodbyes – when only a poem will do.


The most difficult thing about a novel full of poems is what is in them. The person who has the job to decide and compose a novel of good poems to everyone’s tasting is a very hard job indeed. This book of poems is set on life and the seasons of life. From the the first memories to the last breath. This book has a well sort out theme of poems with very famous and mind breaking poets. Though a good book of poems and that has exactly what you want is very hard to find. In every book you have a problem with the plot or character or in some circumstances you absolutely love it.

I believe it is a decent novel and contains good old poetry. Sylvia Plath, Shakespeare, William Wordsworth and many other poems to relate to!

3/5 Stars


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