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Happy New Years!

What are your resolutions for this year I suppose is the thing to ask everyone?

I think it’s good to set out goals for the year ahead you hope to achieve. 

However upon reflection of the last year, so much happens that you didn’t plan or expect. So by setting goals for the full 366 days ahead this year is a little unrealistic. 

You can not possible plan each moment. 

For example, you may have not drove in years after getting a licence and you suddenly impulse purchase on a car half way through the year which came out of the blue but later becomes a decision you never regretted in the first place. 

The point is, I think it’s good to set some goals. Of course the main aim being to succeed in your current lifestyle you have set in place. 

Goals appear when you start taking action which is usually achieved within half a year. 

I achieved so much during 2019 without setting any goals or resolutions and it was the best way possible. 

Each season I reflect because I seem to experience a lot each few months since the last half of 2018. You can only grow by reflecting. 

Travelling, experiencing all sorts of events such as jobs and your own goals you never expected to do – just because life happens as it does is the best way to live. 

Happy beginning of 2020! 

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