ARC Book Review: The Broken Canvas: Good Woman Gone Bad


Natasha Bishop has come a long way from painting pictures of landscapes in her Caribbean homeland to being a successful Hollywood Screen writer. Fame and popularity however do not fit the mold of the life that Natasha yearns for and though she finds solace and sincerity with her swooning younger boyfriend Andrew Kingston, she finds herself hopelessly drawn to Brody Banister, the ruggedly handsome playboy Scottish actor who starts igniting new feelings of raw passion for the Screen writer.

Tormented by her thoughts of infidelity toward Andrew, while harboring a deep and surfacing secret from Brody, Natasha finds herself navigating through the contours of her life, each time racked by new challenges. She soon finds out that the greatest challenge of all is yet to emerge, and with its imminent manifestation will test the mettle of Natasha like nothing else she has ever experienced.


ARC Book Review:

Thank you for this ARC review copy I received, now here’s my voluntary review:

The Broken Canvas by Stacey Facey portrays Natasha Bishop as a strong,  independent, Hollywood screenwriter, whose vocation brings her in contact with arrogant actors. Brody Banister is one of the worse.

The cover of The Broken Canvas looked pretty however I did not like the writing style at all. I’m sorry to say however I cannot lie for reviews.

It was not consistent at all. The themes from the beginning I was thinking can this be over already because it was not consistent, the thoughts where everywhere and it was immature. For example, when the Vernon went back to Louisiana, or when it was it was supposed to be Brody speaking, or even Michael or Lauren, it was Natasha speaking and describing events when she wasn’t even present. Natasha was also very immature for someone over 40.

Also, the fact Natasha had 3 children from 3 different men was a bit disturbing. Then after all of that nonsense, Natasha dies. I am not sure where the witchcraft themes fell in. This book was a mixture of different topics like it wanted to be everything however it has not had a proper edit. Also there was a LOT of grammatical errors.

1/5 Stars


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