Book Review: Start To Lead



Leadership is like beauty, hard to define but you know it when you see it. And sadly, we are rarely seeing it. We have thousands of books, hundreds of speakers and much training in leadership – yet we are still crying out for it. In the chaotic and turbulent world we live in, we need the emergence of truly great leaders to sort things out. So, what does the leadership journey look like? How do you become a leader? How do you successfully lead people and organisations? How do you become a truly great leader? Simple. Read this book


I enjoyed that this novel was written in the point of view from a person who’s been there, done it and wants to share the lessons he’s learned to help others. I find it difficult to finish a lot of business books, they bore me with people who take a simple message and spin it out endlessly repeating the same point until it’s something that will enable them to sell a book. Philip’s book from start to finish is packed with real stories and advice for how to handle different situations and different people in different types of company. I finished it in a matter of days.

4/5 Stars

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