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ARC Book Review: Welcome to New York


Harry has a secret.

He led a well-planned life and knew exactly what he wanted. Until…

Something chased him away from his hometown in England. He arrives in New York wishing to erase his past, eager for a fresh start. A new life. Everybody here was someone else before.

Alana has a secret.

She left her small town in the Midwest chasing a dream. She arrives in New York determined to see her name flashing in bright lights on Broadway billboards. Everybody here wanted something more. She was on the right path, but then…

When Harry and Alana meet, they recognize each other’s scars. They bond over the things they don’t say. They find comfort in long silences. But as they learn how to deal with life’s plot twists, they find out the Big Apple has its own plans for them.

For how long can they hide? How long can they keep everyone else at a distance? How long until their past catches up with their present?

Their lives are about to get irreversibly intertwined. Do you want to know how?

First of all, welcome to New York!


First of all, long plot.

Secondly, thank you for this ARC review copy I received, now here’s my voluntary review:

At first it was a bit slow, the characters could be more developed at the start instead of taking a long time to understand them. Eventually the novel became interesting. Although it was like Harry and Alana were being forced to be together based on its writing. I do like the way it is set in New York. It is a good start for a novel. However more editing could have been done to make this novel grab my attention more.

I do appreciate that the characters were very developed in the end as it did have you invested in the characters. This novel inspires love, family and following your dreams. 

3/5 Stars

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