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Book Review: Return to the Italian Quarter


The Di Napolis may have been raised in England, but their souls are Italian… Charismatic, irascible and defiantly Italian, Cesare presides over his large family much like his Roman namesake. But when a journalist begins asking questions about his allegiances during the war, Sophie realises how little she really knows her adored grandfather. She embarks with him on a journey of discovery through turn of the century Naples, 1920s Clerkenwell and the war years, in the course which she learns something else: whom it is that she really loves.


I found this novel to be confusing as the story switched from Cesare to Sophie quite quickly throughout the entire novel, leaving me wanting more from each point-of-view.

The story between Sophie and Antonio/Guido lacked any real emotion with not much of a background of the characters for each of their relationships. It was hard to follow at times however, Cesare’s description of the past was intriguing, which kept me entertained most of the time.

3/5 Stars

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