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Book Review: Recipes for a Happy Marriage


“They say there is no such thing as a perfect marriage, but of course there is. A perfect marriage is where two people live together for most of their lives until death separates them. What there is no such thing as is an easy marriage. And when it comes to love, people have somehow come around to equating love with ease”. New York food writer Tressa returns from honeymoon worried that she has married her impossibly handsome new husband Dan out of late-thirties panic instead of love. In 1930’s Ireland, her grandmother, Bernadine, is married off to the local schoolteacher after her family are unable to raise a dowry for her to marry her true love, Michael. During the first year of her marriage, Tressa distracts herself from her stay-or-go dilemma by working on her grandmother’s recipes, searching for solace and answers through their preparation. Through the stories of these two women RECIPES FOR A PERFECT MARRIAGE challenges the modern ideal of romantic love as a given and ponders whether true love can really be learned. ‘This story is written with so much heart, its beat is palpable in every word on every page’ Cecelia Ahern, author of P.S., I LOVE YOU


I really didn’t want to finish this novel as well as having to write a review for it, so here goes.

The author/main person in this novel annoyed me so very much – she is not affectionate or caring at all. She married a very lovely man who somehow is beneath her standards even though she is nothing special. She was lonely and old enough to be married, so she made it happen. However, she invests nothing into her marriage or relationship – all she does is complain about the things he is not. This ungrateful and conceited woman never realised how lucky she is to have a good man like her husband–as it is obvious when she books a hotel room to have an affair with a loser she finds in a bar.. I truly despise people who would do something like this when they have someone in their life as good as what this person the protagonist showed her husband was.

If I could give 0 I would.

1/5 Stars

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