Book Review: When Sally Comes Marching Home


In 1945, World War II is ending. For Major Sally Honeychurch the war is just beginning.

Major Sally Honeychurch has spent two years as an agent behind enemy lines. Now the war is over, the women who risked their lives are no longer needed. Sally is back in civvy street, haunted by the French Resistance lover who died in her arms. 

When terrorists smuggle an atomic bomb into London, the Head of MI6 urgently summons her for one more mission. Sally has inside knowledge few possess. She was there when the first atom bomb was assembled and detonated. 

Sally is the only woman among hundreds of soldiers and intelligence agents hunting the terrorists. And she uncovers a clue to their identity that will rock the establishment to its foundations. To save London, she must not only track down the conspirators, she must also battle the prejudices of the men in charge.


Major Sally Honeychurch had fought in World War 2. Then, as it was coming to an end she like all women did get dismissed. Settling into normal life again she gets recruited for a new task. Again degraded for being a woman she is given a job she is overqualified for but she’s not a woman to do what she’s told and follows her own leads finding her very own evidence regardless of being ignored, shun and dismissed.

This isn’t my usual cup of tea if you see the fluffy books I tend to read however I found this to be an intriguing read. It took me a little while to get into due to this however, from the start I enjoyed the main character, Sally. She is not afraid to do as she pleases and is great at what she does which are qualities I really admire. For example, when a threat is in her city she does not stop to put herself forward to really fight for her city.

This novel is set during a male-dominated era therefore with this novel being focused on a woman’s point of view, the author wrote this in a powerful, strong point of view from a woman. I found this novel to be intriguing because you are being put through this era with a few cliffhangers after enticing chapters.

Therefore, I would recommend this novel to anyone that is into historic reads, or if you want to read from the perspective of a female lead.

Thank you to the author Richard Milton for sending me a free copy for an honest review.

4/5 Stars

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