Book Review: Next Year in Havana


Havana, 1958. The daughter of a sugar baron, nineteen-year-old Elisa Perez is part of Cuba’s high society, where she is largely sheltered from the country’s growing political unrest – until she embarks on a clandestine affair with a passionate revolutionary… Miami, 2017. Freelance writer Marisol Ferrera grew up hearing romantic stories of Cuba from her late grandmother Elisa, who was forced to flee with her family during the revolution. Elisa’s last wish was for Marisol to scatter her ashes in the country of her birth…


New favourite author alert!

I really learnt a lot reading this book. I’m not going to lie, it is pretty political and I wish I spent more time researching a few things to help my understanding however at this time I did not have the luxury of time. That’s another thing I love about reading, it educates you.

The story is a mixture between the Havana of the late 1950s with Cuba on the brink of revolution, and modern-day Havana following the death of Fidel Castro. It centres around two women; nineteen year old Elisa who is forced to flee Cuba during the 1959 revolution; and Marisol, Elisa’s granddaughter who returns to modern-day Cuba to scatter her grandmother’s ashes following her death only to discover deep family secrets.

Elisa is the daughter of a sugar baron and sheltered from the political unrest sweeping her country until she falls in love with Pablo, a revolutionary close to Castro. Marisol is a Cuban-American, who grows up hearing the romantic stories of Cuba from her grandmother and clearly identifies herself as distinctly Cuban; that is, until she experiences first-hand the personal, political and sometimes dangerous struggles of Cubans today.

I loved how this novel was written I found it so compelling and insightful. It have a beautiful and romantic cover which I loved! This, is a gripping read that gives the world an authentic insight on what it is to be Cuban. Thanks to Reece’s Witherspoon’s Book clubs reads.

5/5 Stars

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