Book Review: The Seduction Expert


She’s the seduction expert.

Women contact her to take over their love lives. She steps in when they’re lost, she’s supposed to succeed where they failed. She handles their single status, their relationships, their breakups, and very often their partners’ affairs. Her job is a life priority, she spends most of her time at the office or between two flights in business class and the fact of having a sports car that can reach one hundred kilometers in less than six seconds often make her feel like a superheroine in service to women.

Anyway, take her card.

You’ll see, it’s much better than spending holidays in St Barts.


First, big thank you to VSP publishing for sending me this read in exchange for an honest review.

The Seduction Expert, The Baroness, is a powerful and very conceited woman who has designed her company and services in favour of the rich, yet poor women of Paris. Lately, I have been seeing novels and tv shows alike in favour of being a dominatrix. This woman is very happy to spy, humiliate and destroy, the husbands of Parisian wives who do not treat the women in their lives nicely, all for a very high price, of course.

I initially went into this novel a little unsure as I had a feeling it would be an interesting read and I was not disappointed. The Baroness’s personality is quite strong which is easy to see based on the words she uses, you can sense that strong-ness. This novel is a Parisian romance with its target audience being towards feminists.

As the Seduction Expert, she has expertly captured the attention of a man named Louis Beaumont, who is from one of the wealthiest families in Paris. Not long they are due to marry, her mother in law, gives her an ultimatum; ditch Louis and her climb up the social ladder or her mother in law will destroy her.

Even though she’s not in love with Louis, The Baroness has carefully formed a meticulous plan on how her marriage to Louis will bring about her reign of the world. Giving him up is simply not an option.

I definitely recommend this interesting read if you are looking for something new to read with a great way of writing.

One of the quotes I enjoyed:

“You will get a new lease on life, you’ll be full of joy and energy, you’ll become more beautiful, more fulfilled, more assertive, and you’ll thank me because you will then experience the most beautiful moment in your entire life”

The only thing I didn’t like was the ending. The conclusion was rushed considering the build up that was set from the beginning it made the finishing touches a tad disappointing. However I would enjoy to see that happens next in this series.

4/5 Stars


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