Strawberry Flavoured Water – Underrated

Strawberry water looks so pretty. I’m a sucker for pretty things in general!

It is also so delicious.

I never really thought too much about it until a trip recently. As well as being told it isn’t too strong of a flavour – just an extra element. So I tried it on my trip away since there wasn’t much point buying dilute for a few days away. I also realised there is really good benefits to it as well as its taste!

Immune System / Preventing Inflammation – Even if you have a very strong immune system it does not hurt to continue improving it! The anti-inflammatory properties of strawberries help protect your cells from damage as well as helping the immune system fight off an infection (currently still trying out this benefit as my mixture sore throat type infection I have has not disappeared completely). However, apparently the strawberries help as bacterial or viral infections can cause a high level of inflammation, this slows down your immune system here preventing it from becoming well again. Eating a lot of strawberries can speed recovery. 

Minimise Appetite – High Fibre content. Strawberries can absorb water and slow down digestive processes while expanding the stomach. This sends multiple signals to the brain, reducing cravings. 

Lower Blood Pressure – Strawberries has many benefits for your heart, one being it being that it lowers your blood pressure which could improve on your overall health. 

This drink is now my new favourite for daily use! What type of drinks do you drink for a bit of flavour?


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