New Schedule

So, a little update on how my new current schedule will be as I am currently in the middle of a few things. 

For a student that travels quite often during her final year of her University studies I somehow manage to maintain excellent marks as well as maintaining an online schedule for both my blog and instagrams. As well as undertaking important networking events through my University as well as my part time job and growing as a person in my spare time. 

I have had a good schedule of this so far however, I need some sort of break. Between trying to always read a book within a week and writing detailed reviews it can be difficult to manage all of this that I have going on therefore, there are two solutions, to pack it in for a short while or to minimise my posts. 

After this month I am aiming to read two new books per month as well as discussions on my the topics of my thoughts. Along with the occasional recipe and life post as I have been to quite a few places this season. 

The reason for this now? 

Between, focusing on the beginning of the start of the next chapter in my life which will eventually bring new found freedom in a new place for a good bit of my time currently – I have to put more focus on that as well as my new graduate position which both in itself are new challenges. 

I was going through some of my writings and discovered a post I had made last summer about having two jobs, one being a full time job and another being part-time and the pro’s and con’s so I will be uploading that later on this month. I am also taking time to focus more on my writing which I hopefully can talk about more so towards the end of this year.

What are your goals for this month?

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