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Glenveagh National Park

If you are ever in the Letterkenny area looking for a day out. This place should be on the top of your to-do list. 

Sunny Winter Day

It is in the centre of a national park which has the wilderness, mountains and lakes surrounding it. What a pretty place it is to be in. It acts as a haven for wild life and birds. I remember seeing so many robins the first time I was there as they aren’t something you normally see in your every day life. 

In my research, I found that Glenveagh has a long American-Irish connection as it was bought in the 1850s by John Adair. 

They built the castle and added the gardens. After his wife passed it was later sold and bought to a few different people before finally it was sold to the Office of Public Works. 

The way it is located makes it preserved due to the fact that if you wish to enter the estate you can either walk to the estate from the visitor centre, cycle (they have bikes there too, I think to rent) or getting a shuttle bus from the centre, for a return it is 3 euros. I think there is a slight discount for children/students/elders. 

The last bus is usually before 6pm back to the visitors centre. They also offer guided tours of the castle at 5 euros each. The gardens and trails are free and there is very nice tearooms with home baked goods and a souvenirs shop!

I always enjoy visiting here no matter what mood I am in because it is so pretty and peaceful. Also, every time I visit I end up discovering somewhere new within this national park. 

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