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Book Review: The Summer House By The Sea


Nestled on the Spanish coast, bustling café Estrella features in every one of Ava Brown’s happiest memories. It’s where she tasted her first delectably-chocolatey churros, fell head-over-heels for her first crush – where she has been her happiest. So the chance to spend one last summer in her grandmother’s house, is one Ava can’t refuse.

Once the heart of the sleepy seaside village, the café now feels more ramshackle than rustic. It’s time to bring back the lethally strong sangria and mouth-wateringly delicious tapas – and before Ava knows it, she’s thrown herself into bringing the café back to life – a summer project her grandmother would be proud of!

But once summer is over, can Ava really say goodbye to Spanish seaside life? Or could this be the new beginning Ava didn’t realise she needed…


This novel revolves around a family; Rory Fisher, wife Claire, their son Max & Ava, Rorys’ sister.
It’s about them & others, finding theirselves, realising their true potential & dealing with their baggage. It’s nice finding-your-self-story by the beach to read.
The Fishers’ think they’re so happy, have everything, well satisfied, until their Aunt dies. Ava goes to Spain to deal with their inheritance & rekindles memories of time spent, with her Aunt. Whilst there, she returns to Café Estrella, that she remembers from her childhood, to find it run down & lacking in customers, with a new cafe a few feet away, that is thriving. 
It’s there she meets all the characters of the café & keeps her going back. 
Not long later, Rory & Max join Ava in Spain & things start to change for everyone. I found it to be a nice read although it did drag for me at times which always makes it difficult to finish. Worth a read though for a nice sunny afternoon!

3/5 Stars from me.

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