Best Gelato in Paris?

This place is known to be the best in Paris. However to gain such a famous title you should at least take into consideration the working environment and leadership that has come with it.

When it comes to running a successful business we are told that for a business to meet its aims and objectives it should have good leadership, being an authentic leader by having empathy and well as achieving your goals. However, when bad leadership is passed down the chain of authority it can be easy to mistaken. When you’re hiring people for a business it is key to hire people that meet your business’s goals. Those just in it for a job to pass the time could be a complete and utter ignorant person we will say.

Paris & Gelato.

Paris in general.

Paris is a tourist destination. Therefore when you visit a tourist based market (Rue Cler Market) you should be aware of the culture in any work environment. If it is known to be a tourist destination with the most common language (after Chinese) being English, should not be rude to those who speak English as their native language.

I have read reviews on Trip Advisor of the Amorino in Rue Cler Market and a lot of people are complaining about the same girl.

I get it if you are getting a job for money, but to work in a cultured based destination and to be that rude to English speakers?

What kind of hiring process is that? To have that much judgement towards tourists just because they speak English. Whoever does the hiring needs to have a better look as reputations can have a fall due to poor error in judgement. It does look like a nice gelato, it was okay however they should have waiting signs of how long it will be until you get served in that particular line – very small shop. 55 minute wait.


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