How to be Organised and Complete a Task

Okay for anyone who tends to be a student, at this time of year it can be very stressful. So I hope this post is still helpful as I would have needed a little guide like this between September to March. However, when my friend asked me how do I do my assignments I thought right this can also be a planner and organiser guide as a schedule to get things accomplished!

My cute diary planner!

I have both a physical planner as well as using my Notes app and a notebook all for different reasons but they link in together, and they are very cute!

If you are like me where you have too many ideas to even keep track of it can be difficult sometimes even when you do come across as very organised so I have to write everything out in my Notes app in order to keep the thoughts in my read from becoming intertwined and difficult to keep up with.

So the following is a little list of steps of what I do when I have an assignment;

  • First, look at the deadline the report is due: 26th April. Make a ‘Deadlines’ note on your note app or notebook of everything you have due in that order .i.e mine is: 
So many deadlines to keep up with!
  • Next, keep reading over what you are asked to do as it can be overwhelming to know exactly what is asked before you actually begin to get your head around what you have to do so refer to the handbook and criteria of how your getting marked on the report
  • To sum up it says: 3,000 words – designed to assess all module learning outcomes. (Now remember your slides each week states the learning outcomes) Keep this in mind for later on)

Question: You will choose one title from a choice of problem/practice based case examples. You will undertake a strategic analysis of the case example and make recommendations about a leadership and strategic management problem using learning from the module and evidence from reliable sources.

Specifically, you are asked to: 

  • Outline and critically evaluate relevant theory and academic literature related to leadership and strategy
  • Critically assess the case study in relation to the problem/practice case presented 
  • Undertake a critical evaluation in order to make informed, appropriate and realistic recommendations

  • If unsure of actual keywords underlined of what their asking you for then look it up as sometimes it does not mean go on and on about a topic 
  • Read over the case study and/or question you are asked to do. 
  • Spend time gaining the research needed for it. 
  • I always start then by roughly what needs to be in the assignment and look at the mark scheme and whatever it says in the 80-100 bracket I try to do which is usually: exceptional research and reading and critically evaluating the points and giving various examples, dont just put the examples in but explain them, also try not to use the word ‘I’ remember. How does your example relate back to the question of the report, does it show any contrast? Dont be afraid to disagree with the points it asks. 
  • The deadline isn’t for a good while and there is other reports that should be your main priority for now but research this report over the weeks but pay more attention to the other reports/deadlines remember but never forget about them for any week
  • How are you starting the introductionary paragraph/page? To go into it. Then the main body of having your points across each and every one. 
  • Link it with references throughout whatever way your School/Uni/College/Etc does it as these small marks can be vital. My 3k report last term had 20+ references. Some lecturers are more specific and clear on what they want. i.e. for report she said the standard is cover page, contents, executive summary, broken into parts 1, 2, and 3 and appendix. 
  • Read over it, add diagrams, find out what kind of lecturer they are such as; are they more visual or theory based and do not forget every image you add to say figure 1, etc label them and talk about them as they don’t like when its just thrown in there 
  • Keep going over the final touches of it before submitting it. Also aim to have it completed at the very minimum 1 week before its due, I try for 2 weeks it really depends if the lecturer keeps changing their mind on how they want it laid out and so on. 

What is your organisation like when it comes to anything you have to prepare for? I hope this post helps

C x


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