Important Qualities in a Person

What are the important qualities in a person you should be looking for? Some would say loyalty & trust and it does not matter of the other details as long as they are honest and loyal.

I don’t agree with this. 


Because they are not the only important qualities. 

Someone of your level, of your standard that is on the same page about majority of things create common interest and differences which helps you question things in life. You need to be challenged as well as having similar interests. 

For example, how would a motivated person deal with being with someone who is not really motivated at all? It would drive the motivated person crazy as they are always organised and so motivated to do a lot in life as they are ambitious. 

If one does not seek to improve themselves then what kind of person are they?

The important qualities in a person is having a similar view on a lot of aspects in life linked in with having similar interests which can become difficult when you are of higher expectations and interests so it can be difficult to even try to find an equal that is not controlling.

Independence is another important quality. You cannot use people as your identity. You, yourself are your own identity therefore it is vital you never forget that as you will not grow as a person. Life is about growing and becoming more, becoming what you are capable of becoming, constantly learning new things, hobbies, facts, gaining knowledge. What is the point in life if you do not do any of those things? If you just sit about and wait for life to happen to you. Waiting for other people to decide. Waiting to save enough to buy a new flashy car, no. It is about learning. Becoming knowledgeable, becoming cultured. Improving upon yourself is interesting and you never run out of things to learn about. 

You need to do things with your life for me to form a real thoughtful opinion. 



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