Paris & Vintage Style Shopping

How else shall you do Paris other than hunting down all the thrify stores? 

During my visit, I came to the conclusion that Mondays are the new Sundays when you are in France. 

Due to the fact that a lot of places were closed on Monday compared to Sunday therefore, a lot of the thrift stores that I wanted to visit I could not. 

Two stores that made it to this list are: Kilo Shop and Chine Machine!

If you’re like me and you want to find goods at an affordable rate because you just love shopping for clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories as well as having a bit of history behind them, you’ll want to be make a beeline for Paris’ finest vintage stores. 

Chine Machine:

Tucked away at the top of one of the 18th arrondissement’s trendy streets, Chinemachine is a beloved Montmartre institution. Everything in the boutique is hand-picked, and there is sure to be something in its regularly refreshed inventory to suit your taste and budget! On the men’s and women’s racks, there are: luxury labels, the work of local designers, jeans, leathers, the best of the high street as well as one-of-a-kind pieces. If you have some clothes that you think might suit its eclectic mix, you can take them along on Monday to Thursday and see if you can trade them in for cash or store credit.

Their website is here for more info!

Kilo Shop:

The Kilo Shop concept is simple: choose it, weigh it, buy it. Everything in the store—jeans, furs, accessories, you name it—is color-coded according to its value (a bit overpriced for what some items are worth), and the final price is a function of the weight of the items per color group. It’s a fun place to shop if you love fashion, and even more fun if you love math. The chain has four other locations in Paris as well as shops across France.

I enjoyed Chine Machine most as it was a bargain for money for the excellent quality pieces you receive. 

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