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Paris & Reading

Paris is made for readers. With secret courtyards , gardens, and cafes on every corner, the city offers so many spots for a book lover to curl up with a great read. 

From my research there are 756 bookstores to explore to find your next pick, mainly based in the 5th and 6th arrondissements on the Left Bank. 

Do not fret. There are many English language bookstores. 

Berkeley Books of Paris

This quiet little bookshop is located near Odeon Theatre. This place hosts readings, art and musical performances all by independent locals on their way up the ladder. 

Phyllis, the owner is very knowledgable, welcoming and passionately committed to an ethical participation in the local arts community. 

San Francisco Book Company 

This was founded in 1997. You could happily spend an afternoon browsing the collection starting with the titles placed on the shelves outside the store’s bright red facade. 

I actually spent so much time here looking for the most perfect novel.

Shakespeare & Co

So many people!

The most touristy book shop for Americans and Asians (from my own experience). This English store contains beloved writers past and present, from Ernest Hemingway to Zadie Smith. However it is a magical place to wander around with its wooden shelves and narrow staircase. This bookshop hosts readings (usually on Monday nights) there are free for all, with a great view of the Notre Dame at night. 

It is perfect however it was jammed full of tourists during this day and you could barely move around in this pretty shop which was annoying however every time I found a book I always found a corner to sit in to read the novel! The staff are so friendly as well. Looks are deceiving as this shop contained everything.

Librairie Galignani

Librairie Galignani is refined and elegant, it has a feel as distinguished as its location on Rue de Rivoli. The staff is so polite, they have the best and most recent books in non-fiction, yes take a few minutes and your basket will fill with books you didn’t know existed! The fiction section has the classics and new best sellers. It’s very well assorted. Librairie Galignani don’t have all the books, but they have the best books. Being there feels refreshing, it’s a bastion of intelligence and decency.

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