TBR for March

This month I am aiming to read these 6 books! 

6 books in one month is a little higher above my normal aim per month so hopefully I can read these this month along with my busy schedule. 

I am most looking forward to reading the one I got in Paris; A Garden of Earthly Delights as it is written by one of the greatest writers (from what I have read) especially in the 40s-now genre. 

This month’s book club reads is Every Time I Find The Meaning Of Life, They Change It. So glad these where my random picks from my TBR jar idea! 

Between starting and finishing a report last month and another two to do this month (with little guidance given for these next two), as well as going away last month and missing out on work due to knee injury as well as being ill just before that trip I do not know how I managed to find the time to read haha along with my little weekly adventures. 

Anything can be done when you set your mind to it although it can be difficult at times to manage your time and to fit in your leisurely reading however organising your online media schedule and post ideas as well on top of all that and your studying towards exams it can be difficult however, slow down, take a deep breath and organise a plan by starting with what are your needs to be accomplished followed by your desires and the deadlines is how things can be achieved. Eventually. Even if it takes its time, you can do it all. 


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