Stroll Down Roe Valley Country Park

The Roe Valley Country Park is a forested area containing part of the River Roe, south west of Limavady, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland. It is maintained by the NIEA.

The park is approximately 3 miles long and consists of mainly delicious, riparian woodland on each side of the Roe. The terrain next to the river is mostly steep sided narrow valley, with some areas of flat grassland on the northwest bank. As the river has a large, freely draining catchment area, it significantly increases in volume and speed soon after heavy rain. This is most visible around the visitor centre, where the river is forced through a narrow section of the gorge.

The area around the visitor centre contains the Green Lane Museum, with exhibits on local history, the area linen industry, agriculture and artefacts of rural life.

In the 18th century, the local linen industry was based on the same site, the remains of which include flax drying fields with watch towers, derelict buildings and a waterwheel originally used to power the machinery. 

When you first arrive, the above image is where you land near the car park, admiring the pretty lake and its inhabitants. 

From my research, a long time ago the water supplying the old hydro electric power station which was one of the first in Ireland, flowed along here.

If you walk along this you will see what looks to be a small castle building. 

This was actually an old beetling mill. Before the power station was built, the country park was part of a manufacturing centre. 

When you walk along the pathway of the river you will notice there is a good few benches about to rest or relax and admire the view as well as the relaxing water sounds, which I really enjoy. 

One of the views of one of the bridges as you walk along it,

View at sunset in the winter

Nature’s farm animals and sounds as you walk along the park, below is a short video of what I first encountered during my first visit of this year. I really enjoyed the peacefulness of these visits, sitting on the benches listening to the river sounds as I read peacefully.


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