February – Month of ‘Love’

February. The month of ‘love’. One of the first marketing schemes of the year (before this was the whole ‘get back into shape for a new year and new you’). The month after the first month of the year. Where routines have developed or sinked. Where else could you be during the month of ‘love’ other than the city of ‘love’ (and one of the biggest fashion capitals during FASHION MONTH more like)?

Paris of course. Nowhere else. Especially when valentines day is so close to your birthday! I wish I got to go a week later due to fashion week in Paris however I was treated to Paris during my birthday week therefore without further ado. My birthday during fashion month in one of the world’s biggest fashion capitals as follows:

Little bit of organising an itinerary for your birthday would never hurt no body.

We started off the morning with a nice stroll to the most emblematic monument of the city of love, to the Eiffel Tower. 

Did you know this structure is pretty unusual? I cannot believe this tower was originally supposed to be demolished in 1889. I also cannot believe it has to get repainted every seven years, by hand too. 

The Eiffel Tower grows during the summer and actually shrinks in the winter! Due to the thermal expansion hence the metal grows; as the heat absorption causes it to grow about 6.75 inches. 

During this exploration of the magnificent tower, we came across friendly English and Americans whilst enjoying our macaroons with a beautiful morning view of the city. Shortly after we went to this little cafe called Mamy Crêpe which was small but the quality of food and the service we received since we spoke no French was quite nice !

Rue Cler Market – some lovely shops

We then took a stroll down Rue Cler – the most famous market street in Paris! This place is brimming with cafes, boulangeries and speciality shops. 

The 7th arrondissement (out of the 20 in Paris) is home to Rue Cler, one of the best market streets in Paris. Find a wonderful selection of specialty food stores, pastry shops, butchers, delicatessens, cheese specialists, fishmongers, greengrocers, chocolate shops and cafés. Most of the street is a pedestrian area and still has its original cobblestones. This authentic market street is where the locals go to buy their favourite foods or sit on one of the many café terraces with friends and family and watch the world go by.

After this, we visited a couple luxury second hand shops (more to follow in later posts!)

In the following days I visited more vintage small style shops and oh what a delight and dream it was! I did not want to come back from Paris that is for sure. 

I’m now strutting around the United Kingdom in my (discount) finery, delighted when friends ask the origin of my ensemble.  “Oh, this? It’s from a tiny shop in Paris.”

Anyway on with the rest of this day. 

Later on, I was treated to fine dining in Su Misura which had wonderful views and delicious foods where I received a delicious pasta and one had a heart shaped pizza, the staff were friendly and accomodating.

After this, we went for a cruise along the River Seine, what beautiful views this relaxing cruise. 

This river has mesmerised and seduced those who have encouraged it since pre-medieval times. 

The river’s name originates in the latin word ‘sequana’ which some believe relates to a Gaelic name that would have been attributed by the earliest Celtic settlers. 

What a great way to spend my birthday during the Valentines weekend in the city of love. All at once!


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