Smoothie Recipe

For this month’s healthy lifestyle recipe will be a easy to make delicious micro and macro nutrient breakfast smoothie. 

What are these nutrients?

If you aren’t too sure these are very important to incorporate into your lifestyle. 

Macronutrients – nutrients that your body needs in large amounts such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates. 

Carbohydrates – provide energy for working muscles and fuel for the central nervous system.

Protein – Helps provide the body with aid when recovering from physical activities and helps to repair our muscles. 

Micronutrients – our body requires much smaller dosages such as vitamins and minerals. Can include supplements in order to obtain a healthy dosage of vitamins especially in Vegan and other alternative lifestyles. 

Please ensure you are having the right amount from all needed vitamins for your lifestyle. 

Okay, now onto the recipe!

This delicious smoothie I have incorporated with my protein, whether you have an alternative lifestyle or not.

This smoothie is quick and easy to make, you will need the following:

1 banana

200mls of almond milk

Spoonful of nut-spread butter

A handful of berries

2 scoops of your protein choice

Spoonful of porridge oats

Some ice to ensure your drink is nice and cold!

And voila a delicious smoothie.

These ingredients cover your protein, fibre, energy and happiness of course and it is a refreshing and filling start to the day.

If you are stuck at finding an affordable smoothie, eBay have cheaper options if you type in ‘USB smoothie maker’ 

I get my ingredients from Tesco and WomensBest as my experience with them have been best for quality and affordability. 


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