Reflecting Upon Entering 2019

Since August, owning my own beautiful and shiny white car – which is not that hard to keep as shiny and perfect as it just takes a little bit of effort. I prefer being the driver majority of the time, I find myself becoming very impatient as the passenger, driving around at all times during the day and night brings out the best memories with loved ones has a peaceful and relaxing energy to it. 

It has been fun to go on all these trips in my beautiful new car. 

Everything I wanted for when I started University (three years ago, wow that long ago now!) has actually been happening this new year (Finally! But at the same time, already!). Every single part of it – due to knowing exactly what you want and having only good energy surround you and only encourage you to move forward above and beyond your standard type expectations. 

By knowing your worth, a lot of respect for yourself (by not being pitifully desperate by settling for the first thing that appears in your life despite the defectiveness of it) enough to not put up with horrendous souls out there and what you are capable of, there is nothing holding you back from having and living your dreams and passions. 

Most importantly when doing these things is to keep yourself HEALTHY and FIT! Nothing is worse when you do not treat your body as a temple that it deserves. 

Your mind AND body deserves to be cherished and nourished so take care of yourself moving forward as it is the best gift you can do for yourself. 

In the upcoming months will be regular book reviews, recipes/ideas and detailed summaries of places I visit. Therefore for this reason they will be posted much later in terms of weeks from my visits to these places due to cray-cray exes. 

Like this blog title states, C’s La Vie – my life, encouraging fitness for your health and wellbeing, positivity and what better way is there to spend your time with loved ones other than reading and adventures? 


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