TBR for February

So from this month onwards hopefully I will stick to doing an end of month post where I share my reading goals for the following month and hopefully I shall stick to it! In any cases where I read more they shall be surprise posts for the month! As well as my keeping up with posting older reviews I did when I was a teenager so it all remains online. 

If you haven’t already noticed I have created an instagram specially for my blog/lifestyle @CLaVieCo 

This month I shall be aiming to read:

  • I Heart Paris by Lindsey Kelk
  • A Night on the Orient Express By Veronica Henry
  • Bad Girls By Rebecca Chance
  • Milkman by Anna Burns (BOOKCLUB READS THIS MONTH!)
  • Tremarnock Summer by Emma Burstall

New year and all that so I have decided to be more creative. As you can see below I have used a tiny jar, yes I have realised I shall need a bigger one or something to put these origami stars into. The goal is, that I wrote on post-its the titles of the novels in my current TBR which you shall see in an update on life during the following week. 

To Be Read / Read Jar

After I finish each book, to keep myself motivated into reading more so this year along with my busy schedule I will create an origami star that I used to make when I attended school. I think it is a cute way to keep motivated seeing the colourful stars in a jar of some sort grow and grow as I continue to read throughout this year.

How do you stay motivated or keep track of your reading? I would love to know how others do it. C 😊 


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