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New Year, New Start, New Developments!

So! I started this blog during the start of summer however I never found the motivation to actually continue it, or to find a theme since I reckoned it would need consistency. Now, I am at a stage where I just want to review and discuss any hobbies. By that, I mean books of course, and any exciting and note worthy travels I may come to do starting now. 

Therefore over the next few months (at this rate) I am going to be regularly posting the book reviews I have reviewed between 2014-2016 as I think some of them are note worthy to be recognised whilst I am reading new finds this year. Hopefully I will find the time to figure out a better structure for this blog, of my thoughts, my world. 

Without further ado, from October 2014. I have rated the following novel a 4/5 stars. 

Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac By Gabrielle Zevin


Naomi Porter has always had holes in her personal history — abandoned in a Russian church as an infant, Naomi has had to piece together her origins from the few tidbits of information her adoptive parents know. But when, in the middle of her junior year of high school, she falls down the stairs, suffering a traumatic head injury and losing her entire memory of her life post-puberty, Naomi has to try to recover her identity, to rediscover who she was before the fall.

The new, post-amnesia Naomi isn’t sure she likes the old one that much. Going with her gut (because, since the fall, that’s pretty much all she has to go on), Naomi tries out for the school play, reconnects with a long-lost friend, cuts her hair, and pursues her interest in James, the mysterious, troubled newcomer who found her that day at the bottom of the stairs. But what will happen when and if Naomi gets her memory back? And when it comes to love, will it take another blow to the head for Naomi to finally see what’s been standing in front of her all along?

Review & Thoughts:

I just wanna say even though I gave this four stars, I absolutely loved this novel. So much, for many reasons. 

This author’s got talent! It is such a rare treat to read such remarkable and undeniably realistic characters. Zevin weaves the tale of Naomi’s self discovery with extraordinary skill and creates characters that are so alive, I feel like I know them and experienced the events of this story right along with them as opposed to merely reading about them.

In one misstep, Naomi lost years’ worth of memories. After hitting her head on the steps after school, she wakes up in an ambulance, more aware of the pain than what actually happened. The only thing she knows is that she is grateful to the boy sitting beside her, though she has no idea who he is. She soon realizes that she doesn’t remember who she is or rather, who she has become.

Further examination shows that she can’t remember select memories from the past four years of her life. She knows who she is, or rather who she was, but as she has no recollection of more recent events, and she must rely on her family members and friends to fill in the blanks. She is shocked to learn what has happened to her family and uncomfortable around her boyfriend Ace and her best friend Will. She is strangely drawn to James, the boy who found her and rode with her to the hospital, who up until the moment he found her, had never met her.

Like memory itself, the book has many layers. Naomi knows she is lucky to be alive, but she is unsure how to live that life. She feels like a stranger in her own home, in her own body, and with her family and friends. As others, especially her father and Will share their memories of her with her, Naomi wonders if her own memories will compare to these stories. She wants to get back to herself, but who is she now compared to who she was then and does she even like the person she was before?

However, the downside for me was when Naomi towards the end of the novel has her own downfall; she does something a bit drastic that I do not agree with and it seemed like a downward spiral for her but then things go back to normal. 

What follows is more than just a tale about an amnesiac recovering her memories. It’s a story about remembering who you were, being who you are, and shaping who you will become. I loved everything about this book even the parts I don’t agree with. That is how much I love this book. It’s a Great Book! And definitely a must read. 4/5 stars.

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