Peugeot 108 – First Car Review

So, I have recently purchased my first car. My perfect car. White as it reminds me of pandas which are my favourite animal. And it is automatic. For a fairly decent price considering it’s transmission type, mileage, and the year.

It’s a 2015 9,000 miles Automatic and it is beautiful.

My parents purchased a 2001 Yaris a few years ago however it didn’t work out for me.

A couple of weeks ago I had went on one automatic lesson and was amazed by how simple it was and how you have more time for being aware of everything on the road. I had a set car in mind straight after that which I have had my eye on quite a while. And it was automatic which is rare to find a small car in a colour you like with it being modern at a decent price.

I had travelled a week later to see it, to find out it had been sold that morning. I found the exact car with less mileage not far from there. The place I was at felt like car heaven, or as some would say feeling like a part of the millionaires club because they had all the luxury branded cars from Mercedes, Lamborghinis, Maseratis and so fourth.

I purchased my car on a very lucky day, by coincidence as I had to wait until the following week. In my mixed culture 8 is a very lucky number. So purchasing a car on the 8th, of the 8th month in 2018, with a number plate ending in 8 would mean it is very lucky. Although not a quite lucky day as there was issues with returning home with it as roads where closed and unsure of how to get back and large vehicles refusing to move on a narrow spaced road and the only option was for me to reverse or dent my pretty car!

As a kind of new driver it is quite nerve wrecking even when you are a good but slow driver. Anyway! On to the review.

This car is a 1.0 well technically 998 engine. Which means it can be very slow and difficult at high speeds.

When you are pushing past 60 is when the car starts to feel it as you can hear the car’s engine getting louder. To be fair that was going up a hill at that speed for a small city type marketed car so that to me is still impressive.

Some issues I’ve noticed is that the car is slow at going up gears in the automatic. Yes, automatic does not have gears however it does it for you automatically as they say.

Yesterday I noticed when you are going from waiting at the round about to going into it, you are building up your speed and you realise it’s time and it’s safe to go up your speed however the second it takes to realise this then to hit the accelerator, the car pauses for a moment to change gear so in that extra second it is like the car stops when it is supposed to go fast so it has a slow reaction/changing time for its gears.

All automatics are different. The one I have been learning in, the car rolls forward when it is in Drive. The one I purchased does not move. However the 108 does not. It does when it is reversing though which so far I am finding handy.

I do not like the way the E is for drive instead of D. And N instead of P. Despite my first thoughts of it being semiautomatic and thinking I would get confused, I am reassured by the features being together on the same side and the manual features on the other side.

It is such a comfortable and pretty and small car which is all I wanted. It has air conditioning too which I was quite happy by until I was told all cars are to have air conditioning which I am unsure of, maybe it is a modern car thing to have in all cars now.

As you can see from the images the car has a digital screen, sadly there is no parking screen which I was looking forward to. However this car came with parking sensors which is very handy. I learned how to quickly set this up with my phone, I am so amused by how it can play your songs, call, text, accept calls from your contacts. It to me is so modern and comfy and it still has that car smell which I enjoy. The window adjusters for the driver are a manual feature. The back windows in my 5 door car are the old style of having windows where the window pushes out which is a good child safety type of feature.

I love this car. It is so small but not too small, modern, comfy, just perfect and pretty. Yes it is a small engine but I am a slow/drive by the speed limit type of gal however in my city it suits its purpose. It won’t be as beneficial for the times I will have to make longer trips outside of the city however for the most part it suits its marketing purposes of being a city car disputes it’s slow gear changes.

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